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Catalysts & Chemicals             
AAE Chemie n.v.
Petrochemicals - supplying, warehousing, and repacking
ABB USA - Chemicals
Aderco Chemical Products Inc.
Industrial fuel additives - Offline for maintenance
Air Liquide
Industrial Gases and Related Services
Air Products
Supplier of industrial and speciality gases, and related equipment.
Albemarle Corporation
Supplier of Specialty Chemicals and Chemical Intermediates
Alfa Chemicals
Alfa Chemicals is a privately-owned, speciality chemical distributor covering the UK & Ireland.
Activated bentonite company producing various types of bleaching earths
Amlon Resources
Spent Catalyst reclamation programs
Astro American Chemical
Manufacturer of specialty chemicals and pigment dispersions
Axens-IFP Group Technologies
Catalysts, Adsorbents, Process Licensing and Services
Baker Hughes
Processing, water management, and finished product quality challenges
Baker Hughes
Refinery Process Additives
Baroda Earth Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturer of Granular and Powder type Activated Bleaching Clay.
The Chemical Company
Boreskov Institute of Catalysis
Brenntag Specialities
Distributor of refinery and production chemicals and a chemical Pipeline and System cleaning technology.
Calcorp Resources Inc
Services to reuse and/or recycle spent non ferrous metal including PGM catalyst materials and pay for the value of contained metal(s).
Carbon Resources
Activated carbon products and services
Catalyst Trading Company Ltd.
Catalyst Trading Company, Ltd. (CTC) was founded in 1990 and is engaged in the procurement and sale of surplus and obsolete lots of fresh, regenerated and off specification hydro processing catalysts.
CCR Technologies Ltd.
Amine Relaiming -- All contaminants, not just HSS.
CECA, specialty chemicals.
CECA, specialty chemicals : molecular sieves manufacturer for refining (product and associated services).
CGH Alumina Catalyst
Alumina Powders and beads for catalysts, like Pseudoboehmite, Rho alumina powder
Chemicals Incorporated
Chemsampco, Inc.
Manufacturer and Supplier of Research Quantities of Specialty Chemicals
Chemtura Corporation
Specialy Chemicals
Chevron Lummus Global (CLG)
Licensor of and catalyst provider for refining hydroprocessing technology.
Christy Catalytics LLC
Inert catalyst and adsorbent support media- such as alumina and ceramic support balls. Refractory materials
Adsorbents and Additives, Catalysts and Environmental Technology
Contract Resources
Catalyst Handling Services; Dense Loading under Inert & Toxic Conditions; Turnkey Refinery Turnaround
Cortec Corporation
Corrosion inhibitors and new chemicals for hydrocarbon and water process chemistry and catalyst protection.
Cri Catalysts
Manufacture, supply, servicing, handling, regeneration, and recycling of catalysts for the refining and chemical industries.
Criterion Catalysts
Refining catalyst and process technology supplier.
Crystaphase's Cat Trap, top bed grading technology, is used by refiners as a solution to operational issues
Dow Chemical Company
Equilibrium Catalyst, Inc.
Purchaser and reseller of Equilibrium fluid cracking catalyst.
Ethyl Corporation
Eurecat U.S. Incorporated
Regenerate Catalysts
Spent catalyst Generators with Reclamation / Recycling / Reuse Programmes.
Evonik Industries
Manufacturing a variety of chemicals and metal materials
Exxon Chemical Company
Supplier of Petrochemical Products
Federal Container Corporation
Packaging for spent, fresh, and presulfurized refining catalysts, as well as related site and logistics services.
Filtra Catalysts And Chemicals Ltd.
Catalysts, Chemicals and engineering support to refining industry
FLATS Catalysts Inc.
Flats Catalysts distributes FCC Catalysts and additives for the refining industry in addition to chemical catalysts for Petrochemicals.
FSI Energy (Foundation Systems, Inc.)
Combustion Improvement for boilers and process heaters.
GE Water & Process Technologies
Water & Process Treatment Chemicals
Gemini Industries, Inc.
We recover platinum, rhenium, palladium, germanium & gold from a variety of spent catalysts: reforming, isomerization, etc.
Gujarat Multi Gas Base Chemicals Pvt.Ltd.
Molecular sieve, Activated Alumina, Bleaching Earth, Precipitated silica.
Haldor Topsoe A/S
Supplier of catalysts, process technologies and related services for hydroprocessing and hydrogen production. SCR catalyst system and process knowledge for maximum NOx emission control.
FCC catalyst & ZSM-5 manufacturer in China
Hebei Province Jing County Asbestos Rubber Sheets Factory
Offers a variety of Compressed Asbestos Fibre jointing sheet and sight glass
HeJia Chemical Products Co.,Ltd
Zeolites Catalyst
Hong Jing Environment Company
Residue hydrodesulphurization (RDS) spent catalysts recycler, specializing in the procurement of RDS spent catalysts from Petroleum refineries, Orimulsion Ash from Power stations, and Vanadium slag.
Manufacturers of Activated Fullers Earth Adsorbents for Oil Refining
Huntsman Corporation
Specialty and Commodity Petrochemical Products
INEOS: Gas/SPEC Technology Group
Amine Treating Chemicals and Services
INTL Commodities, Inc.
Suppliers of precious and rare metals, financing and financial instruments to industrial consumers.
JGC Catalysts and Chemicals Ltd.
Merger of Nikki Chemical Co., Ltd. and Catalysts and Chemicals Ind. Co., Ltd.
Johnson Matthey Chemical Catalysts
Specialty catalyst additives and patented additive feed system and fresh catalyst addition system.
Johnson Matthey plc.
Manufacturer of catalysts, pollution control systems, pharmaceutical compounds, and speciality chemicals
Kaida Technology Limited
Supplier of precious metal catalysts and chemicals.
Koppers Industries
Carbon pitch, coal tar distillates, and more
KPR Adcor VCI Corrosion Control
Corrosion control and protection. Corrosion inhibitors, protective VCI packaging, fluids, coatings, additives, lubricants and chemicals.
Kurita Europe GmbH
Kurita Europe GmbH provides custom-made solutions for the water and process treatment for all fields of industry
Spent catalyst recycling and precious metals refining
Magma Ceramics & Catalysts
Toll manufacturer of catalysts, supplier of sorbents & ceramic supports
MAR Systesms Inc
MAR Systems core technology is its Sorbster media which removes metals such as selenium, mercury, arsenic, hexavalent chrome and others from wastewater streams.
Metal Coatings Corp.
Metal Coatings Corp. provides industrial coating solutions for the oil & gas industry
Catalyst and Residue Recyclers
Multimetco Inc.
Recycler of Spent Catalyst
Nalco Chemical Company
Water & Process Treatment Chemicals
Noahs Ark Additives Ltd
Producer and supplier of fuel oil additives
Catalyst services for oil refineries.
PM Recovery Inc.
PM Recovery is a processor and consumer of various metallic containing spent catalysts employing pyro, hydro and chemical technology along with physical metal separations in a licensed permitted facility. Your material is never co-mingled and maintains its unique identity throughout the recycling process.
ProTec International
Fuel Catalysts to the Petroleum Industry
Catalysts developed for large spectrum of applications
ReAgent Ltd
Niche chemical supplier and toll manufacturer.
Reliance Petroleum Limited
To Sell : Spent Equillibrium Catalyst
Riverside Specialty Chemicals Inc.
Riverside processes vanadium containing ash, residue, catalyst, flexicoke and other materials into high purity vanadium chemicals
Rocky Mountain Salvage & Equipment (RMS&E)
Full Service Provider of Equilibrium Catalyst Solutions
Sabin Metal Corporation
Precious metal recovery
Catalysts and functional additives based on titanium dioxide, zinc sulfide, and synthetic barium sulfate.
SCR Spent Catalyst Recycling
Recycling and recovery of metals from spent catalysts, residues, scraps
Scrap and Waste, LLC
We recycle nickel, copper, moly, cobalt, and tungsten based metals, alloys, oxides, and catalysts as well as skimmings, ashes, grindings, muds, and turnings
Semfa International Limited
Suppliers of refining chemicals, corrosion control systems and sludge re-working processing technologies
Sepcor, Inc.
Adsorbents, Catalysts and Chemicals serving the Petrochemical Industry. Molecular Sieves, Alumina Silica, Gel Carbon, and Mixed Metal Oxide Catalysts.
Sheikh Sons
Chemical and equipment needs of the Oil & Gas and Power sector organizations of Pakistan.
Shell Chemicals
SJB Group
Distributor of petroleum and chemical products
Taiyo Koko Co., Ltd.
Catalysts, Reagents, and Pigments
precious metals refining, ashes treatment, spent catalysts refining, metallurgical treatment,water treatment.
Technivac Ltd.
Catalyst handling and shutdown maintenance services to both on and offshore industries.
The KIP Company
Sweetening catalyst for Merox and Mericaat treater, ceramic bed supports and tower packing
TIGG Corporation
Activated Carbon, medias, tank and vent system, water systems, exchange services and rentals.
TowerScan provides gamma scans on towers for refineries, petro-chemical, and gas processing plants, level measurements and pipescans.
Tricat, Inc.
Regenerating spent petroleum catalysts, chemical catalysts and molecular sieves
TubeMaster, Inc.
License dust blowdown and pressure drop test equipmnet that is 10 times faster than most.
UNICAT manufactures over 100 catalysts for hydrotreating, hydrogen production, steam/gas reforming, general support media, and filtration of sulfur, chloride, arsine.
United Color Manufacturing, Inc.
Manufacturer of liquid dyes and covert chemical markers for the petroleum industry.
Univar USA Inc.
Chemical distributor of chemicals, sorbents, and catalysts in the U.S., providing products and logistic & technical services.
W. R. Grace & Co.
Supplier of specialty chemical, construction and container products
W.C. Heraeus GmbH & Co. KG
Producer of precious metal catalysts for chemical and petrochemical applications, precious metal compounds and precious metal recovery of used catalysts.
Catalysts, Adsorbents and Other Specialty Chemicals
Zeolyst International
Zeolite Catalysts
Zeurst Execor
EXCOR Sp. z o.o. deals with comprehensive supply of corrosion protection systems with volatile corrosion inhibitors such as VCI ZERUST® / EXCOR® / GARDAC® films and paper.

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