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ABS Consulting
Safety, risk and integrity management company serving the oil and gas, chemical process, nuclear, maritime, and related industries.
AcuTech Consulting, Inc.
Process Safety and Risk Management Consulting
Advanced Appraisal International, Inc.
Industrial Real Estate experts with many years of experience in Industrial Land Valuations, Appraisal of Easement Rights, and Right-of-Way land appraisals, and Ethanol Plants.
Aegis Energy Advisors
A boutique investment bank focusing on mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures, and financial restructurings.
Agile Ops
ProSys, Inc. provides process systems consulting services to the refining and chemical industries, particularly process control systems consulting and software.
Alternative Tank Cleaning Solutions
Cleaning crude oil and other heavy oil tanks
AmbiCat Consulting
Water Treatment and Environmental Independent Consulting firm, focusing on cost reduction and chemical reduction.
American Appraisal
Independent valuation consulting firm with certified appraisers and professional engineers.
American Environmental Assessment & Solutions, Inc
Phase I Environmental Site Assessment; Subsurface Investigation; GPR; Site Remediation; Soil Borings & Monitoring Wells Installation; Soil Excavation & Recycling
Apex Envirotech, Inc.
Environmental Management, Remediation Technologies, Geologic and Engineering Consulting, and Computer Modeling
Applied Manufacturing Technologies
Independent specialists in multivariable control and real-time optimization, providing a full range of services from turn-key to consulting.
Appraisal Economics Inc.
We specialize in the valuation of businesses and assets for mergers and acquisitions, financing, tax and accounting purposes.
Arthur Andersen Business Consulting
Multidisciplinary professional services organization
Arthur D. Little, Inc.
Management Consulting, Technology & Innovation, Environment & Risk Consulting, and Incubation Services.
Aspen Engineering Services
Process consulting firm offering the following services: project management, equipment design, cost estimate, financial analysis, P&ID development, equipment specifications, process control strategy, process improvement, debottlenecking, distillation design
Baker & O'Brien Incorporated
Consulting engineering firm serving the oil, gas, and related industries
Balmert Consulting
Fundamentals of Process Troubleshooting training teach methods for troubleshooting of abnormal situations using PC based process simulators for practice.
Barber & Barber Associates
Proprietary statistical flow solver to transform existing data into valuable information, thus predicting future revenues
Bayphase Ltd
Bayphase is an independent consultancy catering for the upstream oil and gas industry, employing geologists, engineers & investment analysts.
BSDT Seminars
In house training for sulfur recovery and alkylation
Bureau Veritas
Compliance consulting, business performance, asset integrity mgmt., project risk management, technical due diligence, etc.
Business Industrial Network
On site AB PLC5 and SLC500 PLC training. Provide online solution database, engineering books, e-books and more.
BW (Ben) Marguglio, LLC
Human error prevention/reduction and root cause analysis consulting and training for risk reduction and safety and quality improvement.
Environmental Management and Development
Caarpus Technology Services Pvt Ltd
Materials, maintenance and Information Technology management
Calvin Consulting Group Ltd.
Air quality assessments and regulatory compliance services including emissions reporting for your company operations.
Cambridge Partners & Associates, Inc.
International valuation and appraisal consulting. FAS 141 appraisals, FAS 142 goodwill impairment testing.
Captiva Sealing Consultants LLP
Provides services to deliver value from sealing technologies- design, thorough specification, procurement and installation.
Carey Lift
Makers of the Tube Bundle Lifting Devices for the refining industry.
Carmagen Engineering, Inc.
Carmagen Engineering provides engineering consulting services for the refining process and equipment technologies as well as project management services.
Chemical Cleaning
Refined Technologies, Inc. provides patented proprietary technology to clean in unprecedented time and cleanliness in the Petroleum and petrochemical industries.
ChemPlant Technology s.r.o.
Consulting in the process industries, plant information systems, process data analysis software, plant test runs, etc.
College of Petroleum and Energy Studies
Offering a range of courses, and distance learning programs, (in Oxford and overseas); and general management consultancy.
Control by Design, L.L.C.
Design and specification of Instrument, Electrical and Analytical control systems.
Control Consulting, Inc.
Multivariable control and real-time optimization
Corrosion control in refineries, chemical plant and other processes. Guidelines, Books and Courses.
Clean Air Technologies and Vacuum Systems
CSIRO Petroleum
Independent supplier of R&D and related technology services to the oil and gas industry
DANA Technical Services Ltd.
Gas processing, gas sweetening and sulphur (sulfur) recovery expertise. Most of our work involves SRUs, TGCUs, Superclaus, etc.
Helps oil companies specify, capture and manage engineering project information to improve project efficiency and reduce costs
Det Norske Veritas
Technical, advisory, training and registration/certification services within the area of safety, environment, and quality
Diamond Technical Surveys, LLC
DTS provides Infrared Inspection Services, FLIR Infrared cameras and CorDEX IS/Explosion Proof camera sells. Furnace tubes, refractory, electrical, rotating equipment, etc.
Distillation Group, Inc.
Providing a range of services to improve distillation performance for the process industries.
Consulting engineers, designers, surveyors and meteorologists to the offshore, marine and insurance industries.
EDG Incorporated
Consulting Engineers
Energy Management Institute
Specializing in downstream energy management for distributors, marketers, and end-users. Capabilities range from physical product procurement to risk management services.
Energy Security Analysis, Inc. (ESAI)
Energy research and analysis firm
Engineering & Technical Associates
Recruitment of professionals for placement in the petrochemical and petroleum refining industries.
Engineering Dynamics Incorporated
Engineering consulting firm providing solutions for vibration problems. We provide engineering expertise the petrochemical, refinery, paper, power generating industries.
Engineering Systems Inc.
Forensic engineering & failure analysis, fire & explosion investigation, electrical failures
Environmental consulting with expertise in spill prevention, response and follow-up.
ERM Group, Inc. (Environmental Resources Management)
Providers of environmental management and technical consulting services - pollution control, energy consumption, etc.
Expect Asia
Expediting, Inspection and Representation
Facilitated Integration Technology (FIT)
HPI Management and Systems Consulting
Process design and optimization, pilot plant design, building and operation, computer simulations, CFD, advanced control...
Furnace Improvements
Troubleshooting, Revamping and Training of Fired Heaters and Combustion Systems
G.E. Dolbear & Associates, Inc.
Applying knowledge and know-how to solve technology development problems for energy and chemical companies
Global PMC Private Limited
Engineering and Consultancy in Oil & Gas
Green Pages
Environmental Consultants
Greene & Associates, Inc.
Litigation support, project management, insurance claims, environmental matters consulting services
Hydrocarbon Engineering Associates, Inc
Engineering services to the petroleum and petrochemical industries
Hydrocarbon Publishing Co.
Knowledge-management company serving refining and petrochemicals companies.
Idcon, Inc.
A Reliability and Maintenance Management consulting firm. Education, training and implementation.
MRO Data cleansing, Material Master Preparation for any ERP system, Materials cataloguing and codification, and software development services.
Infrared Thermal Imaging, Inc.
Infared inspections for industrial, commercial, and residential applications.
International Staffing Consultants
J.H.Foglietta Consulting LLC
Provides technology, conceptual design and process expertise for petroleum refining, gas processing and LNG.
James W. Bunger and Associates, Inc.
Energy, Chemical and Environmental Technologies
KBC Advanced Technologies, Inc.
Analyzing refinery operations and recommending changes that deliver improvements in profitability.
KEDA Korean Engineering & Design Associates
Project Management & Consulting (PMC), Engineering and Design (E&D) and Operations and Maintenance (O&M)
Kepner-Tregoe Inc.
Partners w/refiners improve loss profit opportunity through business process improvement.
Kodiak Fuels
We develop, implement and manage programs to control price risk using derivative instruments
KLM Technology Group is a technical consultancy group, providing specialized services to improve process plant operational efficiency, profitability and safety.
Lapiz Digital Services
Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) consulting services that enable large process plants implement maintenance, MRO inventory and master data management practices.
Leghorn Learning Programs, Inc.
We provide skilled training designers and technical writers to the Oil and Gas Industry
Consulting Engineers
Long International, Inc.
International Experts in construction claims, Analysis and Dispute Resolution for Oil Refining, Process, Oil & Gas, and Industrial Plant Projects.
Lundberg Survey, Incorporated
Statistics, analysis, reports, and publications in oil marketing and related industries
Manufacturing Technology Strategies
Development of supervisory, operational and maintenance personnel through customized training.
MarTech Systems, Inc.
Operations risk management (operations, legionella, regulatory), technical feasibility studies and operations troubleshooting for water utilities, crafting strategic purchasing and outsourcing initiatives.
Meador Staffing Services
Engineering and Professional Recruiting/Staffing Services for the Refining/Petrochem business.
Hedging and trading consultants serving refiners, producers and marketers.
Mercury Technology Services
Consultations on all matters related to mercury in refining including specification, process distribution and removal systems.
Milton Beychok
Air Pollution Dispersion Modeling
MJZ Consulting
Providing solutions for amine sulfur and other refinery treating problems.
MPEC, Inc.
Refinery and petrochemical process design, consulting, troubleshooting, economic feasibility, debottlenecking, and schedule A packages.
Muse, Stancil & Co.
Energy Consulting Services
Nexidea Systems
Software Tools and Books
NEXIDEA, Incorporated
Technical and Business Consultants to the Petroleum Refining Industry
Onward Technologies Ltd.
Implementation, Maintenance and Support Services in Aspen Engg. Suite, Aspen Mfg. Suite and Aspen eSupply Chain Suite
Pathfinder LLC
Project management consulting organization providing project related services to the petroleum and petrochemical industries.
Petroleum Refining Consultants
Located at Dehradun, India, conduct training courses on Petroleum Refining Technologies, Petrochemicals and Catalysts
Petroleum Refining Consultants
Conduct training courses on Petroleum Refining Technologies at Refinery Site.
PFC Energy
Integrated Advisory Services for the International Oil & Gas Business
Power Industry Consultants
Consulting, staff recruiting, procedure writing, training, commissioning, and craft work.
Principle Based Management Solutions, LLC
Refining and Petrochemical management expertise in ecomomics, conflict resolution, contracts, refinery-petrochem synergies.
Process Consulting Services, Inc.
Refinery revamp and troubleshooting services
Process NMR Associates
On-line process NMR applications and development. Analytical NMR services applied to petroleum and petrochemical industries.
Professional Outlook, Inc
Engineering Recruitment firm for technical and management positions in the Refining Industry.
Design, Consulting, and Software for the Oil Company
Purvin & Gertz Consulting and Strategic Advisory Services
An International Energy Industry Consulting Firm
R.C. Costello Assoc., Inc.
Consulting Engineers
M/S RKE is a PR agency for the Indian market (all sectors including Refineries, Oil & Gas Cos.).
Ragsdale Refining Courses
Training of chemical engineers and chemists in refining technologies and economics. 3-day and 4-day sessions are available, both on-site and public, world-wide.
Refinery Automation Institute, LLC
Scoping/benefits study, blending, oil movements, tankage optimization, plant info systems and more
Refinery Automation Institute,LLC
Provides advice for diesel, bunker and gasoline blending design services worldwide
Refining Process Services, Inc.
Technical support and training services
Reliability Center, Inc.
Continuous Process Industrial Reliability Approaches
River Consulting
Consulting, project management, multi-discipline engineering, equipment supply, procurement and construction management services
RMS Engineering Inc.
Technical Expertise in the Area of Fluid Catalytic Cracking
Rockford Consulting Group
Supply chain management consulting firm offering technologies and methods
RPM Training
Providing computer-based training around the needs of industrial workplaces.
Scanning Technologies Inc.
Gamma Scans, Pipe Scans and Level Interfaces to troubleshoot process problems on line at refineries and chemical complexes.
SEMS Auditing Bureau Veritas
Safety and environmental management systems auditing
Shiftwork Solutions LLC
Solutions for shiftwork and work scheduling problems, often with companies that are changing to continuous, 24/7 operations.
Sinclair Group
Customized solutions for our clients in the manufacturing sector.
Smith LaRock Architecture PC
we offer Control Building architectural design services applying industry best practices for advanced situational awareness within process plants.
Solomon Associates, Inc.
Comparative Performance Analyses and Performance Improvement Consulting
Soluble Solutions
Consulting in petroleum fouling mitigation with tests and model to predict crude oil compatibility.
Southernstar Consultants LLC
Construction contracts, dispute resolution, project due diligence, LNG, South East Asia.
SRI International
Contract Research Firm
Sulfur Recovery Engineering Inc.
Sulfur Recovery Unit Testing, Shutdown & Start-up Assistance, Process Simulation and Consulting
Systran, Inc.
Technical and training services for the process industries. O&M Procedures and Manuals, Unit/Equipment Specific Training, Job/Task Analysis for Covered Processes and Process Simulator Training.
TEIR Associates
Transportation fuel consultants for developing analysis for environmentally sound, economically sustainable, and high performance motor vehicle fuels for transportation.
Techno-economic studies for oil refining, GTL projects and gas processing projects
The Environmental Partnership
Environmental Impact Assessments, Environmental Management Plans, Strategic Environmental Assessments, Environmental Management Systems, Environmental training and Environmental Risk Assessments
The Quaker Group
Business Strategy, Operations and Maintenance Improvement, Information Technology, and Process Improvement all with a focus on the Oil & Gas and Chemicals Industry
Tofik K. Khanmamedov Company
Consulting Chemical Engineers and Licensors
Gamma Scans and Radioactive Tracer tests for columns, reactors and exchangers.
Trihydro provides engineering, environmental, and management services
Trinity Consultants
Industrial air quality issues, permitting, air quality modeling, risk management, and environmental data management.
Unwin Company
Consulting in reliability-centered maintenance, risk management, and process safety.
Valuation and Assets Services LLC
We value and appraise plant machinery and equipment in energy and other industries.
Wood Mackenzie
Consultancy and research offerings to providing strategy

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