ROL Assistant is a free downloadable Windows based software with useful calculation tools for the refining engineer and live news bulletins from the Refining Online site via the Internet. The main features of this software are summarized below:

Unit Conversion: Length, Area, Volume, Mass, Density, Pressure, Energy, Power, Temperature, Flowrate, Viscosity, Specific Energy, Heat Flux, Heat Transfer Coefficient, Thermal Conductivity...

Steam Properties: Enthalpy, Density, Heat Capacity, Viscosity, Thermal Conductivity of saturated steam, water, and superheated steam.

Line Pressure Drop: Single phase line pressure drop calculation for different pipe sizes and materials in English or Metric units.

Scientific Calculator: Easy to use scientific calculator with a timer feature.

Bulletins: Live bulletins from the Refining Online web site via the internet.

Download ROL Assistant
Mobile Devices
The app for mobile devices is available on respective stores.
Windows Desktop
Images of Windows version of ROL Assistant
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ROL Assistant download and installation instructions:

1. ROL Assistant is designed to be installed and run on Microsoft Windows operating system.
2. Download the file setup.exe (approximately 3.5 MB) to your computer.
3. Navigate to the Setup.exe file and double click on it to start the installation process.